Waikiki PD Part 2

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Party Time!

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budget cuts

In this episode from Season 1, we see the inner workings of Waikiki PD.  This episode was one the winners of the International Award at the L.A. WebFest at Sony Pictures plus won the Diversity in Comedy award at the Chicago Comedy Festival.

Interrogation Training

In this episode from Season 2, Officer Stan Oh trains Officer Ha Ming in the fine art of interrogation – Waikiki PD style.  This episode won the audience choice award at the Hawaii Filmmakers Collective 48 Hour Challenge plus was an official selection at the Hawaii Comedy Festival.

Chang's First Arrest

In this episode, Officer Russell Chang gets his first arrest lead by his mentor, Officer Dan Oh.  This episode was also an official selection at the Catalyst Content Festival (Formerly ITVFest), L.A. WebFest, Seoul WebFest, New Jersey WebFest, Chicago Comedy Festival, and Roma WebFest.

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People love Waikiki PD

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Loved it. Writing was good; the senior cop has good natural comedic timing. Has a bit of an improvised feel, like the office. I loved that the guy was wearing mirror sunglasses indoors the whole time, and the censored man boobs.
Adam Rogers
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Omg, this is so great. 😂👏
Jackson Moxilla
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😂😂😂 so dooooope!!!
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Waikiki PD is gold, thanks for sharing this man, so funny. the jaywalking one is solid too!
Steven Hurst
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Dis is winnahz!!!
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Damn dude this is so good you guys should get a streaming deal on Netflix or Crackle or Funny Or Die or somewhere. I know all the humor won't translate to the mainland but a lot of it does, plus the Brooklyn 99/Office-esque style helps keep it grounded for wider audiences. Or at least get a distribution deal with Nigahiga or another big Hawaii YouTuber!
Christina Martinez
Christina Martinez
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Cuz .... my son and I was bust laughing !!!!! This is great!!!! Keep the episodes coming 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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This is the funniest thing I seen in a long time. Hilarious writing, great comedic timing, all around the best thing ever.. Cannot wait to see what else you come up with. This is brilliant 😂

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